Pelican Self Store, Roskildevej 519, 2605 Brøndby


Lejenbarnevogn/Rentapram provides high quality rental prams, strollers and babyseats for clients in Copenhagen, Denmark. We always deliver well maintained, cleaned and nice equipment. We have tried to gather some of the most frequently asked questions down below.

Our inventory is normaly not staffed by us during the openinghours – we therefore need at least 2 hours to complete your order.

Telephone: If we are unable to receive your call, please send us an email We strive to respond as soon as possible.

*Airtravel: It is not allowed to take prams on airtravel, our umbrella-strollers is allowed on airtravel.

*Cancelling:  You can cancel your reservation up till 5 days before the renting period is starting and we´ll send your money back if you send us an email. If you want to cancel less than 5 days before the renting period starts, the money will not refunded as we consider the order as started/planed. This also applies if a cancellation is made on the day of rental.  If cancellation is because of your childs disease, we refer to your own travel sick insurance. If you provide equipment return before the rental outlet, it will not lead to price reduction. Please send us an e-mail if you have any questions or a cancellation to: A cancellation considered as received by us when you receive an confirmation from us by mail.

*Cleaning fee: Cleaning fee is for single items DKK 55.

*Copenhagen Airport: Due to the service desk in CPH airport not being open 24/7 we are unfortunately unable to use the service desk as a relay point for rental equipment. Therefore we don’t have the option to deliver or pick up your rented baby equipment at the airport. We will be more than happy to deliver at your hotel or other address of residence in Greater Copenhagen.

*Delivery at sundays: If you want to send back the rented item by yourself on a sunday (which is outside our storehouse opening hours), you will be charged for DKK 100, which is deducted from your deposit.

*Extra additional fees: All Wakeup hotels in Copenhagen will charge an additional fee of DKK 100 for receiving and delivery of items. The delivery fee is therefore DKK 495 to this hotels.

*Extra days: We kindly ask you to make an extra reservation, if you want to rent the rented item for extra days. Extra and double fees will be refunded together with your deposit.

*Insurance: You are personally responsibilty for the rented item. We expect that you will take care of the rented item as if it was your own.

*Delivery elsewhere: We can deliver to other address than hotels e.g. in private homes. If you order delivery, please make sure to be home at the delivery and when we have to pick up the rented item and the delivery and pickup will always be at the frontdoor on the road. In vain drive, we charge you a new fee for the second time of delivery/pickup. Normal delivery fee DKK 395 is between mon-sun between 8-20.

*Delivery at hotels: We deliver to all hotels in Greater Copenhagen at the reception. The price for delivery is DKK 395. We deliver and pickup mon-sun 8-20. If you want deliver within the next 4 hours our fee is DKK 495 for this service. If the rented item not is ready for pickup on the agreed date and time – we will charge you for double drive DKK 400 and of course for the extra day/days rent.

Deposit: The deposit will be returned at your credit card, when the rented item has been returned and within 7 days. If you have made a cancellation, we send back your money within 7 days.

*Pick-up at our address: It is possible to pick up the rented item at our address. If you place an order to be delivered within the next 4 hours, please contact us and we will make sure to have the rented item ready. Wjhen you return the rented items, make sure that your are at our store house Pelican Self Store latest mon-fri 17.45, sat 13.45. The staff are allowed to deny reception.

*Puncture: If one of our prams og strollers puncture during the rental period, you can get the punctured tire patched in a bicycle mechanic. The repair expence will be funded with us by showing the bon. If a tire puncture during the rental period, it is accidental and does not warrant immediate replacement of another pram or stroller. Prams and strollers which have tires with air is mentioned in the product description.

*Weekend/Holidays: Please send us a request if you are in doubt or call us at our telephone +45 53 53 54 59

*If you have any further questions please write an e-mail to – we will be more than happy to help and will respond as soon as possible.
Opening hours for pickup/delivery by yourself at Pelican Self Storage, Roskildevej 519, 2605 Brøndby: Monday-friday 10-17.45m, saturday 10-13.45. Sunday is the shop closed.

Please note that the our delivery service follows our storehouse opening hours. If outside opening hours, please send us an e-mail and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please also note that rented equipment can be picked up at our main office outside regular openings hours, separate instructions for off time pickups will be emailed upon reservation.